I’ve shot professionally since 2007, but have carried a camera for the past 30-years. I enjoy photography. I am consumed with the details of shooting. I’m striving for perfection, and understand that it’s difficult to obtain. And also recognize that perfection isn’t always necessary. It’s important to capture the moment, to get the look, to shoot the subject as it is and see the beauty in that object or person. Life is not perfect, but each individual has value. I want to show that value. I want the photo to display who this person is. I want the beauty to shine in the image.

I have vision and can see the different sides of things. It’s good to change perspective because all of a sudden the beauty appears that maybe wasn’t apparent at first. Uniqueness, I’m trying to find it with each shot. There must be a different angle or light that portrays the subject better.

My objective is to provide an image that meets or exceeds the customer’s expectation. I find it easy to work with people. I like people. I am curious about different perspectives. I am a photographer. I shoot images and make memories.

I am married with three grown children that appear to be finding their way, their own success. I’m drawn to photographing sport of any type, mainly because in sport, the participant is so focused on the action that their true persona is displayed. I’m drawn to the human interaction that happens with weddings, where people are usually relaxed and being themselves, and often smiling naturally. I enjoy portrait photography to capture the beauty and nature of a person. I enjoy shooting things, but that’s not usually as challenging because those things will usually be there tomorrow or the next day. I think it’s more important to shoot the people that might not be with us tomorrow. We don’t live forever, so I feel compelled to capture images while the opportunity still exists. Don’t let your children grow without capturing the different stages of life. Have an image with your spouse or buddy. Shoot your pet, shoot your favorite car. The things that we love are worth capturing as an image. I’m here for that purpose.